Funny animal photos or majestic portraits – photography of pets will always be important to us. Find useful tips on how to take photos with pets to have the best animal photos.

1. Use the time that your pet is usually active or calm

Most likely, you already know usual times of the day when your pet is the most active and when it slows down. Keep it in mind and choose the active times of the day for curious photos and the slowing-down times for peaceful portraits.

2. Try different angles

Get on your knees or stomach and take a pet photo so that your beloved fluffy pal is in your eye level. It will help to shoot more unique photos from animal perspective and shot the character better..

3. Prepare your camera for quick movements.

Shutter speedhas to be maximum short when you want to take animal photos. It will help to get less blurry photos even if your dear pet starts running around or even moves head fast.  

4. Join the photo – or make other family members join!

Pictures with animals can be a great reminder of these times and everything that happened around it. And people can make the photo more playful, more vivid, tell the whole family story in a more personal way. So don’t be afraid to include humans in animal photography – playing with the pet or just sitting in the background.

5. Consider themed animal photoshoot

For example, Easter is coming. Isn’t it a great prop idea generator? Themed photoshoots with props can create unique and funny photos (as well as majestic or cute, of course). Think about possible props you could use and prepare them in advance.

6. Taking photos at home? Clean background as well as you can

Chaos can be a normal part of everyday lives at home (especially, if you have small children), but it will not help to get great pictures. Clean the house before photoshoot to make sure no matter the animal goes, you will have nice background, so you will be able to show the best pictures to anyone (or even to hang them on the wall!).

7. Test the lights.

If your dear pet is used to camera lights it will be fine, but most pets aren’t – they can get scared or act unnatural, and that affects both the wellbeing of your pet and the picture. So it’s better to use natural daylight or, if it’s not possible, use mild, diffused light.

8. Be patient and quiet.

To get the best pictures, your pet has to feel at ease. Too much movement can cause stress or even make your beloved animal to run away and hide somehwere. Not the best plan for both of you! So patience, patience, and patience, move slowly and take good care of the pet.

9. Get the pet’s attention with a sound.

When the shot is ready and you want your pet to look at a certain point, take some pleasantly beeping animal toy and squeeze it or shake it so that it makes sound. Ask someone else to do it if necessary. But remember – try not to scare the animal with too sudden and loud sound.

10. Play

Don’t forget to play and go along with anything that happens! Sometimes the unplanned moments make the best photos. You only have to adapt and capture the moments.

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