5 Essentials For a Productive Work Space

What makes a workplace productive? There are some essentials that work most of the time. Why? Because they are so simple, so fundamental, we often may forget about them. And just by applying those essentials to our work space both team’s and our own productivity may improve quickly. Read more below.

1. Air

Our brain needs oxygen to function properly. The amount of oxygen we get affects memory, mood, energy and brain’s ability to work in general (1). That’s why it is crucial that the spaces we work at are ventilated. So the first step when our brain is not working productively – walking outside or opening the window for some oxygen. Simple yet underrated. Adding some green plants to the office space may also work.

2. Light

Research on natural lighting has concluded that such simple factor as natural light in office can positively affect worker’s productivity, health (for example, reduce headaches) and even absenteeism levels. What to do if the office bulidng cannot provide natural light? Some alternatives may be carefully picked electronic lighting that simulates natural light.

3. Technology

21st century workspace and technology are the new natural way of working. Even a slow internet can affect our productivity and ability to do work on time and as efficient as possible. So it is one of the best choices to make sure any member of the team has got the “tools” – the properly working technology he or she needs for a smooth work day.

4. Aesthetics

Not every business can provide a nice view of snowy mountains of palm trees outside the office windows. The truth is, most of us can’t. At the same time, we tend to feel better in beautiful surroundings. Decorative elements, such as pictures of nature, art, plants or other room decorations, especially, when we can pick them ourselves, may increase productivity (2, 3).  So yes, a beautiful picture of mountains or that classic piece of art on the office wall could be one of the easiest steps to make the workspace more pleasant and, therefore, productive.

5. Work relationships

We are all human, aren’t we? If we feel as a part of a community, we can trust each other more, communicate better, be more open to fresh ideas, finish tasks quicker, the list goes on. And we will be more likely to stay in the company. A great team where everybody feels like they belong is rare. And we like to stick with it when we find one. So building great co-worker relationships is a great start for a long-lasting productivity.

Yes, productivity and well-being of any team is not so simple. It is way more complex, and may differ from one another. However, these 5 essentials make a good start.

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