3 Easter family photo inspirations

Four days of family time – and plenty of time to have some fun!  If you love taking photos and making great memories with your family, Easter is the perfect holiday to take some sweet pictures, all family spending time and having fun together.

Find some nuggets of inspiration for Easter family photos down below!

1. Inspiration: Colors

The colors of bright and happy feeling that the winter is finally over, that the days are longer; that there’s the freedom to play more, no matter the age of kids.

Use them in clothing, accessories or simply inspiration for that feeling, when you plan what you wish for your family photos.

Colors usually connected to such photoshoot themes – pastel tones:

  • Light pink,
  • Light green,
  • Light blue,
  • Yellow.

2. Inspiration: Places

Sometimes the best inspiration may come from the place that your family loves spending the spring in. No matter if it’s your living room, the yard or nearest park or riverside – that is a great idea for a photoshoot place if you usually have fun there.

Couple of ideas for more detailed inspiration:

  • Sunrise pictures in the yard, riverside of park. Well, always a good idea. The morning light makes everything seem lighter, happier – just the feeling that the spring brings us.
  • Hide and seek. Take some photos with all family members playing hide and seek (it works both in the park and living room!)
  • Pajamas party. love long mornings with all family having cozy breakfast home, in the pajamas? Take the photos on Easter breakfast! These pictures will be perfect for hanging on the wall, so sincere 🙂
  • Duck feeding. Ducks, although are a part of a city park all year long, can be a great part of your photoshoot if you often go feeding them together. And is connected to the easter egg theme 🙂

3. Inspiration: Spring and Easter symbols

Accessories in the theme of spring and Easter are perfect for setting the theme for the whole family while taking the photos. Sometimes, when we start to use them, our creativity goes wild, and the funniest, silliest pictures are “born” on the spot.

A couple of ideas for accessories in the theme of Easter:

  • Balloons. They bring the light feeling that is often associated with spring (and remind the shape of an egg). Remember the spring colors when you pick the balloons!
  • Eggs. Already colored in all sizes. By the way, coloring the eggs in the kitchen, all family together, is a natural activity to do and can make even the shyest family member free because it’s a natural thing to do. Also, these photos can become great photo wall of the kitchen!
  • Bright, fun raincoats and rubber boots. Spring is for freeing ourselves, and enjoy family time, no matter the weather. Raincoats and rubber boots are not just for autumn photoshoots – it’s great to have fun in the spring rain as well, near the spring flowers 🙂
  • Flowers. The bright colors bring joy in the picture. Make crowns for the ladies, or stand by them; use the motives of floral elements in the clothing. The choice is yours!

Wishing you the perfect Easter holidays, all family together, having a great time together. Spending time with our loved ones, making happy memories together is so important. That’s what we work for so hard, isn’t it! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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