3 simple steps to create a ​canvas with a 3D tool

One of the first questions probably could be – what exactly is 3D tool? 3D tool is an innovative way to make online shopping even easier and more comfortable.

How the title itself explains, 3D visualization is a representation of the product in 3 dimensions. In our 3D room, you can upload your chosen photos and see it from every side. In a following paragraph we will explain the whole process.

1. step – upload a photo and choose layout

Firstly you have to choose if you want to make single or multiple picture collage canvas. Then upload your photo and start canvas creation. In one variant automotive tool, create the most appropriate layout to make sure that the picture isn’t unnecessarily cropped. However, if you want to use other types of layouts for your canvas, then you can choose different variants as alternatives. As well we offer to create multi canvas- your photo is placed on multiple panels.

2. step – choose canvas size

The next order processing step is size selection. The 3D tool allows to comfortable choose between sizes and, at the same time, to see the cost of the canvas. The tool also offers to determinate your picture quality and immediately will show if your photo is suitable for printing in selected size. And that is not all- It is possible to apply different image filters, that will make your personalized canvas more interesting and unique.

3. step – create the edge design

For our clients, we offer different options. You can choose to print canvas edges or not. If you want to print them, then you’ll have the option to choose between two styles – mirror image or continue of image. Advice – choose a mirror image option to avoid cropping the photo and seeing the whole picture on the front of it. Alike for the edges, it is possible to choose any color for printing.

At this moment, your canvas is entirely created, and it is possible to see it in a 3D room- like in real life! Rotate room dimensions, watch it from every side, and look at it to the smallest details. It will help to imagine how canvas will look like when you open the packaging and stick it to the intended wall. Your order is ready, just add it to your shopping cart!

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