There is no better interior product that will make home feel like home than photos with the best family memories, hanged on the wall where everyone can see them.

Looking for some fresh ideas for your family photo wall? Here’s some inspiration!

1. Instagram wall.

Almost everyone has an Instagram profile. A lot if them upload the photos to make their own unique digital memory album. Why not use it as an inspiration? Put the best photos with your favourite memories on square canvas, 3×3 and hang on the wall.. Like on Instagram.
Any Instagram-friendly family will love this tangible Insta wall.

How to make it: choose an amount of pictures that divide in 3, and make smaller sized canvas with each of them. Or even add a new canvas every month – and after the year there will be an 3×4 canvas Instagram wall, made from the best memory from each month, all family together 🙂 If you already have all the pictures you want to make into Instagram Wall, pick more convenient way and put them on one canvas as a collage (choose “Multiple Images” and “Square, 9 canvas”)

2. Photo wall “Through the years”.

Especially suitable for families with grown-up kids. Pick your favourite pictures from different ages of your children, and hang them on the wall. Preferably in the room you spend the most time together when the kids visit home on holidays.

How to make it: choose four pictures and print them on square canvas. Arrange them in square, line or other shape that suits the room’s interior. If you have several kids, a great idea is to pick your favourite picture of the kid and print each of them on the same size square canvas.

3. Photo collage “Our Story”.

This is a perfect match for families who want to keep their precious memories as a photo story. For example, a long wanted child’s first years.

How to make it: pick a picture that is a center piece of the story (like, the prettiest picture from the latest photoshoot). Pick a couple more pictures that add more detail to the center piece, and hang on the wall in the room that is the best fit for the story.
It will be more convennient to put all the pictures un one photo canvas as a collage (choose “Multiple Pictures”, then Layout  “Square, 6 images”).

4. “That one picture”.

This idea will be a great fit for families who already have That One Picture. You have had a lot of moments together, and a lot of photo memories, but still there is this one picture that describes you the most. That perfect moment that is captured just right. If so, the best choice is to make it the centerpiece of a living room, and print out on a large sized-canvas. So that the picture itself is almost like a photo wall.

How to make it: choose “One Image”, pick photo canvas layout that fits the picture, then pick the size that is the best fit for your living room size, and let it attract every guests attention, and make your day happier the second that you enter the room.

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