4 Personal Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Yes, wine and chocolate for February 14th is never wrong, but there are some great ideas that will make your loved one remember this Valentine’s day forever. Why? Because the gift that touches the heart and is more personal, helps to appreciate your relationships and make great memories for the future. Let’s make this Valentine’s day special!

4 best personal gift ideas for Valentine’s day:

1. A short, but loving letter. Sometimes, in the everyday rush, we forget to remind ourselves and the loved ones what makes our relationships special. Love letters might not be trendy, but they definitely will be the Valentine’s day’s gift that stays timeless. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Write about your favourite memories together – when you first met, when you understood you have feelings for them, and some recent happy memories together.
  • Tell your loved one 10 reasons you love them, and how they’ve changed you for the better version of yourself.
  • If you’re already raising children together: write what makes him or her a great parent, what you appreciate the most; what qualities you would love your child to learn from the loved one; and what you want to achieve as a family in the nearest future.

2. Photoshoot. Time is running so fast, and maybe this Valentine’s day is the best reason to stop and just capture you both as you are now. Photos bring us back to the times they were taken, so this present will last much longer than most alternatives. If you both love being photographed, better keep that in mind 🙂 How about asking a photographer to come to your home, or maybe some other place that is special for you, and having a short photoshoot, making this Valentine’s day an exciting experience together!

3. Activity that you both want to do. Besides the photoshoot. You know what it is – you’ve talked about it many times, but never actually did it. For some people, the most enjoyable time spent is not with giving gifts; it is the experience what is the gift and strengthens the relationships. Some ideas to spark your imagination: Take your loved one to the cooking class or prepare the pizza you both love at home (heart-shaped, of course!); Take that short trip to nearest town you wanted; Put on your song and just dance in the middle of the living room. Here and now.

4. Make the best memories together last. If you already have loads of heart-warming, loving and super-exciting moments together that are captured. Make a photo collage to hang on your wall, and keep close every day. This idea is also perfect for couples who love making visual content together, for example, Instagram lovers. We know how much time you both have put in those pictures – they deserve to have an honorable place on the wall. This personal touch will also fill your home with love long after the Valentine’s day is over. By appreciating what we have every day, it will become much easier to find time for new adventures and warm moments together throughout all the year.

Wishing you the best Valentine’s day so far! Make it the best memories!

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