4 Tips How To Make Your Interior More Eco-friendly

Do you want to make your home more eco-friendly, healthier for your family? Here are some ideas how to start.

1. Choose classic.

Yes, it is tempting to refresh the living room with new and trendy furniture regularly, but it is better for environment to choose more classical interior that lasts, that is timeless and maybe even will be used by your children. Sometimes it means spending more on one piece of furniture, but it definitely is more convenient for you and the nature the long run.

2. Choose natural materials

Wood, bamboo, cork, metal, ceramic, glass and stone are great material choices for more natural interior. Very often they also look more luxurious because of the simple design and the touch of nature. An important note: always check, if those materials are toxic VOC free. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds; in short, they’re chemicals that are used to produce wide range of products and sometimes can be harmful to our health. There are some wooden materials, for example, that are covered with liquids containing VOC to make the wood last longer or less inflammable. So this is a factor that should always be double-checked.

3. Bring in some green plants

Green plants improve the air quality (so important for city apartments and homes!); boost the mood and simply make the home interior more pleasant to be in. Choose the green plants that are best suitable for your lifestyle – for example, it may be harder to maintain the green wall if the whole family is busy. If so, ask at the store for plants that require less care. A good idea for the first plant would be growing some herbs in the kitchen – it would show you how much you and your family love to take care of the plants in general, and also have practical and tasty benefits 🙂

4. Natural textiles for beds, sofas, carpets, curtains

Linen, wool, silk and cotton are great choices for bed covers, pillows, curtains etc. Just to make sure that these textiles are really eco-friendly, always check the labels, and choose ecological wash detergents as well.

Eco-friendly interior makes us feel more cozy, and is better for health of our families in the long term. This year is the best to become more eco-friendly.

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