5 moods of nature for your workspace

So, you have decided that you want some pictures of nature in your workspace interior. Which one to choose? The elements of nature are quite a lot, and each of them can change the overall atmosphere of the business space to a completely new direction.

Let’s explore 5 different elements of nature and how it would affect overall atmosphere of the workspace.

1. Mountain views

The mood created by mountain views: mighty power, ability to face challenges. Makes one think of something bigger than themselves. “Challenge accepted.” A reminder that we are such a small beings in front of the nature, and still capable of reaching the highest peaks.

A perfect fit for: businesses which aim high and want to leave a massive impact on the world. The businesses who want to leave a stable impression both to its clients, business partners and the team itself. Businesses who love challenges and are full of energy too reach new heights.

2 The sun – sunsets, sunrises

The mood created by sun as the central element of a picture: warm, heartful, sometimes dreamy. Joyful calmness and peace – just like at the end of the day, looking at sunset, thinking about all the things that have happened, and appreciating the beautiful view. Celebrating the moment, the life. Time spent together with friends, family. It sunrise, the opposite will be true – sunrises remind us about the start of the perfect day when we have had a great night’s sleep, and walking outside while the city is still waking up, ready to do its best.

A perfect fit for: client-oriented or team-oriented businesses. For department spaces where teamwork is highly appreciated in a warm and friendly manner. For inspiring, uplifting and cheering up the people that work or visit the room.  

3. Water.

The mood created by water elements in pictures: peace, peace, and peace. Unless you set up a photo wall with sea storms,  pictures of water will bring calmness in any interior. Sounds of water, a slow walk on the beach and the beautiful view remind us of stress relieving activities and time off work, off duties, off anything.At least for a moment. A picture of the sea, lake and even beautiful waterfall would instsntly bring those memories back.

A perfect fit for: businesses with high levels of stress as a stress balancing piece of interior. For manager cabinets where calm moods are appreciated. The opposite will work as well – for businesses which are associated with calmness, peace and relaxation. For example, SPAs.

4. Flowers.

The mood created by pictures of flowers: these elements can provide the widest range of colors and moods. However, the most of them will have similar effect to the room: sensuality, beauty, youth, feminine, vital mood. Flowers remind us of the times of the year when everything blooms – nature, people, life. It has to be celebrated and honored.

A perfect fit for: businesses which honor vitality and beauty as an important value. Do not stop only at beauty salons, there is flowers on canvasses will fit many client centers, office administrations, event agencies or rooms for managers who love for neat and beautiful design.

5. Further than the Earth – the space and its elements.

The mood created by pictures of stars, space and galaxies: innovation, creativity; exploration, of  fresh views and angles. Curiosity without borders. Willingness to explore deeper, to be open to completely new ideas. A sense of wonder, being a part of something bigger. Open up for the unknown.

A perfect fit for: innovative, new solution oriented businesses.Digital agencies; R&D departments or any other teams which always seeks for exploring more and using their creative imagination to bring unseen results in the world.  

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