5 ways how to save money with home decors

How to make your home.. Feel like home, without spending a fortune?

Sometimes, the answer is really simple – especially on the spring season when the nature is awaking. Take a look at a few quick tips on how to save money when decorating your home!

1. Use your own creativity!

Children’s drawings – why not frame them and hang on the wall? If you have a large collection of old books or magazines that no one reads, but that are beautiful – why not make them a new wallpaper in a kitchen or home office room? Have a larger dinner party and everyone brought the wine? Put the wine corks in a glass jar and add some white or yellow lights from Christmas tree. Sometimes those things that can become great home decors, are already there, and we don’t even have to spend any money on them. Only a bit of time in the making 🙂

Dry flowers and hang them on the wall or make a composition in a beautiful vase

2. Love spending time in the nature? Use that!

We asked our followers on Instagram – does nature inspire them? The answer was surprising – 100% of people who responded said yes! We’re glad that we’re surrounded by nature lovers, because so are we 🙂 So, we may use the nature as an element for decorating home. For example, some people love taking a small stone or shell from every beach they visit. How about making it a centre piece of your living room, in a beautiful mosaique on a decorative plate?

Another ideas – making fallen down trees and branches in a decorative composition.

Even an old tree can be turned into a cozy coffee table – takes a lot of patience and time though 🙂

3. Remodel what is already old.

Old chairs can be re-painted, old shelves can be remodeled. You can even use the old books that we already mentioned and make them coffee table legs (just figure out what surface would suit your home the best – a glass? Wood? A surface of another coffee table?

4. Use home decors to hide places on the wall that have to be fixed.

The good old advice. It’s fine and a lot of us do it – let’s admit it, it can happen and is human. You can come home and your beloved 4-year-old has drawn some abstract art on the freshly painted wall; some of the family or friends sometimes spill things where you cannot clean them; and the floor color fades at the places where we walk more. Just take a picture, a canvas, and cover the wall. Take a carpet and cover the floor. Until you make the great renovation, it will be fine.

Nobody will know what abstract art of crayons is hiding behind this picture 🙂

5. Choose the quality that stays longer.

Yes, it’s easy to fall for the small and trendy things. However, by choosing the home decor that may work for even decades in our home, we save money and time that would be spent every year buying new stuff. And a family photo – what could bring better home feeling in the home than the actual faces of the whole family? So we do think your family photo canvas is the perfect choice for your home. If we wouldn’t, our canvas wouldn’t be so high quality. I mean, they can last for years, without fading, and are all natural.

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