Why not celebrate an awesome friendship with a fun and inspiring photoshoot? There is no need for a professional photographer to make one. Sometimes it is enough with a phone and a selfie stick, and a great idea.

Where to get the great idea? Down below.

Take a look at best friend photoshoot ideas and some tips to prepare for the photoshoot for the best result.

  • Photo booth style, faces and emotions. Very simple and sweet idea. Experiment with making different faces, just as you allow yourself to only with this special friend. Such photos look great both virtual and printed, leaving fun, vital and playful vibes. No accessories needed, super easy to organise.
  • Photoshoot at your favourite park, cafe or any other place you usually meet. If it is allowed to take photos there. These photos will take you back to the good days years after the photoshoot in a very personal way.
  • Playing with perspectives. If you are crazy and adventurous friends who like to experiment and have fun in the process, play with different angles and perspectives. Take a picture that looks like one of you is holding the other on a palm. Play, be creative, let the craziest ideas come out!  
  • Fashion inspiration. This is a perfect fit for friends who love fashion, shoes, accessories. Pick one look (how about glamorous 20s, or energetic 80s?) and have fun dressing up!
  • Enjoying your hobbies together. Do you both love horse riding? Reading? Dancing salsa? Cooking? Maybe even making videos? Make your photoshoot about it! This idea is perfect if one of you feels less comfortable taking photos. Having something lovable to do will take the mind off the photoshoot, which guarantees naturally looking photos as well!
  • Childhood memories. No, no need to dress in your childhood clothes, we know it’s not possible (although it would be fun to re-make them in the grown-up size, wouldn’t it?). Perfect idea for long lasting friendships who started at a very young age. Blowing bubbles, writing diaries, happily chatting while sitting in a tree – all of it is very enjoyable and makes great photos.
  • The same posture, different places/times of the year. Long lasting friendship sometimes encourages long lasting photoshoots. Pick a place and take photos with the same posture and angle every month. Or take photos in different places, again, the same posture and angle, with changing backgrounds. This will make great photo album idea or a creative photo collage that will attract any visitor’s attention. Also great idea if you are both pregnant at the same time!
  • Your favourite music theme. Do you love the same music? Take photos, dressed like your favourite musicians, or in the theme. This must be enormously fun and exciting process, and will guarantee great stories and memories from the photoshoot itself. A perfect idea for the photoshoot, if you don’t want to wonder where to put hands or how to act – let the music tell you 🙂

A few reminders when you prepare for the photoshoot:

  • Try your outfits and make up at least a day before photoshoot.
  • Try the postures and face angles, that make you look the best. Such preparation will make you feel and look more comfortamble during the photoshoot.
  • Plan any skin procedures, especially around your face, at least 2 days before the photoshoot.
  • Carefully pick your outfit. Let your outfit help you feel more confident about yourself and always wear only the looks that make you feel comfortable from any angle.

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