A whole month of summer already has passed away faster than we thought. For pupils and students, this is a moment of “little panic” and regrets, that nothing productive or memorable will be done in this summer.

It’s not so easy to plan three months of your life. But we have good news for you – now they are just two months. So, take your planner and get inspiration from these simple but useful tips for summer vacation planning!

1. Go hiking or on a trip

Summer is the best time to travel. It does not have to be an expensive and exotic journey to bring joy and a real summer feeling. Go on a bike, grab tents and sleeping bags, it will be a real adventure!

2. Get rid of unnecessary things and donate

Is your room full of unnecessary stuff? Maybe there’s not enough room in the closet? Summer is the perfect time to get rid of things you don’t use or clothes that are no longer fit or you are tired of. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to help those people who don’t have a lot of things, that you are going to throw out. It could be clothing, footwear, household items or even toys and games.

3. Learn to photograph or start writing a blog

When a school or studies start, you may not have as much time for this activity as in the summer. However, the photos and the blog will be great memories of the summertime. The new photography skills will be appreciated by friends and relatives, and it is an opportunity to get a new great hobby.

4. Visit your grandparents

It seems so obvious, but too often we do not have time for that or the right opportunity. If there are other relatives who haven’t been visited, visit them too! Only your dear ones will really appreciate time for them like no other.

5. Start voluntary work

Why not share your free time with someone who really needs it? Go to your nearest animal shelter. Animals will appreciate not only food, care products or toys but also your care and love. Walking with dogs will charge you with the positive energy that will not run out for the rest of the year!

6. Go to a concert or festival

Well spent time at a festival or favorite band concert will guarantee you one of the brightest summer memories. However, the winner will be one who will have raised some extra money for the entrance ticket.

7. Make a picnic

We all have a friend who says so often: “We should meet soon!” unfortunately, these meetings often do not happen in reality. Invite a friend to a picnic, they won’t be able to give up this offer!

8. Go to the museum

Not all museums are boring… Nowadays all – small and large ones – can find themselves interested in museums. There must be a museum that you always wanted to go to. This is the right moment to do it in comfortable time for you.

9. Treat yourself

After all, it is a summer holiday! Time to relax, enjoy a good time and don’t think about every day worries. Go to the beach, catch the vitamin D, eat fresh fruits and berries, spend as much time outside as you can!

Have great, sunny and adventurous two remaining summer months!

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