Artist interviews: Karun Soni

Starting from this year, there is something new – Exclusive fine art section – in Canvasway gallery. What’s in it? Only the greatest pieces of contemporary art and photography! We collaborate with great contemporary artists, photographers, making their wonderful pieces of art are more accessible to the world!

Let’s meet the first artist – Karun Soni from London, UK – for a conversation.

Karun Soni is an established professional artist living in London, specialising in oil painting. He has created bespoke pieces for individual clients and businesses for over 8 years, including restaurants and nursing homes. He’s also had solo and group exhibitions at Watford Palace Theatre, Nehru Centre & The Affordable Art Fair. More recently he has appeared in magazines, newspapers, podcasts and radio (including BBC).

Read the interview with Karun Soni below!

Hi, Karun! Tell us more about yourself and your artistic journey.

I started painting when I was a child, and kept progressing through school into my adulthood. I decided to really apply myself around 3 years ago and start doing around two paintings a week, plus commissions! My art very much communicates my personal experiences, to do with family legacy/history & the way I see the world.

Your pieces of art are made in a specific technique. Can you tell us more about that?

I founded an online shop and named it ‘Dotty’ which exemplifies my painting style of pointillism. This technique is created through layering countless ‘dots’ or brush marks over and over again to create depth, meaning and chaos in each piece. Even with such a loose style, I pride myself on maintaining balance and control in each piece, in terms of colour and composition.

How is your personality reflected in your work?

I had 3 rather formative years when going to university, when I experienced sadness through my grandmother passing; anxiety for the first time; and feeling like a misfit. My pieces are full of joy and magic, with bright colour and high contrast between light and dark. However, I still see my bereavement of my grandmother through the record sleeves I paint, I still see anxiety in the unbalanced style (Dotty actually means eccentric or mad!) and I still see a misfit through the political/social statements I’ve made around British Asian sub-culture.

Are there particular artists, cultures or legends that have influenced you the most?

Jean Micheal Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami.

What is your work environment like?

I have films or series on in the background while I paint, usually ones I know off by heart (like Madmen on Netflix!), this way I can listen to them while I paint.

Karun Soni paintings canvas buy online
Karun Soni: Elephant. Photo canvas available, dimensions from 40×30 to 120x90cm.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

If I’m really struggling, I strip the process down to ‘What would look really cool?” Then, I’m focusing my creative energy on the craft of just making something ‘beautiful.’ Other times when I have a creative block, I’ll sit and think hard about what I want to do. Then I’ll just completely clear my head. I’ll go to the cinema, the pub, maybe I’ll see friends. Then eventually, an idea will jump out at me.

Karun Soni Tea Party painting on canvas buy online
Karun Soni – Tea party. Photo canvas available, dimensions 30x45cm to 80×120 cm.

What are you working on now?  

I have an exhibition in London on Friday May 3rd (at Caketail Club, in Hammersmith) so I’m trying my best to create the best work I can for it! The exhibition will feature 14 paintings (amongst other surprises!), and it’s called “New Light”. The reason for this name is that each canvas starts being pitch black and ends up being amazingly colourful, full of light and heavily romanticised.  

Good luck with the exhibition!

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