Clients Inspire – Why We Started International Delivery

As always, it’s our clients who inspire our growth!

The stories we’ve heard have been very, very different. So much so that even a book wouldn’t be enough to tell them all! Just take a look at some of the delightful comments on our Facebook wall:

  • friends send a beautiful photo to a nearby living couple as a wedding anniversary present;
  • a family takes a heartwarming family portrait to put on a living room wall;
  • an art lover complements his home with a reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s painting Adele.

Meanwhile, as the years went by, we began receiving a peculiar question more and more frequently:

“Do you ship internationally?”, and the longer we worked the more oftenly we received this question from our customers.

Every reason is more heartfelt than the one before:

  • One client wants to send a photo canvas for his first his first international cooperation partner as a kind gesture.
  • Another has made a group of besties while studying abroad and wishes to send his joyful travel photos in a long-lasting form.
  • Someone else has been living abroad for quite some time now and wishes to send photo canvases with his dearest family memories to her mom in the homeland.

The stories were very different, but they all had something in common that we started to notice – everyday life had become incredibly international. The boundaries that once kept us apart are fading rapidly and we’re adapting by broadening ours! And we’ll keep doing so to give you the possibility to share your memories or beautiful gratitude no matter where you or the present’s receiver is located.

That’s why we offer an international delivery of photo canvases to each and every European country as well as many other countries Worldwide.

Your photo canvas will be ready in 3-4 workdays and delivered to any address in Europe in 2-3 workdays for £5.84 (6.49 €).

To send your own personalized photo canvas internationally, order here.

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