How to create family photo wall: 3 creative ideas

How to create a family photo wall that really stands out and refreshes the whole interior of the house?

With these concepts, your family photos will transform from usual framed photos to an experience, a touching story, a spark of joy, friendship and creativity for the whole family and all the guests as well.

Bring your family photos to the next level with these creative ideas!

1. Start with why: tell your family story.

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There are a lot of family photo walls that have lots of great pictures in it, from lovable moments, and that’s fine – but mostly they are randomly put together. That’s fine as well, however, you are here for something special. So here you go.

What if you used this photo wall as a tool that tells the story of your family, and the way you all want to feel in the future? The moments, the “chapters” that are truly most important to you?

For example, this picture tells a story of the young family that wants to keep the great, happy wedding story, their honeymoon in Paris, the long-waited first child, and the precious first trip together.

You don’t even need the whole family in the picture – use symbols (like Paris in this picture, for example) that remind you of the main points of your family story, the way you want your grandchildren to know.

2. Start with how: show your family’s vibes.

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How is it, to live in your family? There are families that have their own style, so to speak. A vibe that is so visible that you can sense it, even by spending 5 minutes together with them. An adjective that describes the feeling that you with your family all love and create naturally when you are together on holidays.

Is your family active? Superfriendly? Funny? Maybe smart and elegant? (we already have imagined a baby in a tuxedo, haven’t you?) Pick the photos that create the vibe, or create new photo session.

For example, this photo canvas composition tells us – we’re the fun and adventurous!

Don’t hesitate to copy this composition with your family members! However, keep in mind to choose

3. Start with what: Show your family’s personalities.

Want to copy this idea? Choose Multilpe images, and Horizontal 2:1, 3 canvas

A great idea is to show each family’s member different and unique personalities. One may be quiet and smart, another might be the “Big Personality”, always having the attention, another one may be the active, friendly one. Just take the photos on a white background (or any other color that suits your interior), and let the picture speak 🙂 Then, put the photos in a composition that puts all the pictures together, showing the dynamics of your family.

For example, this compositions shows who is the real boss of the family 🙂

Get inspired and create your own family wall. The home decor that will make you stand out, and brighten the mood of you and your guests every day!

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