How to edit pet photos: Do’s and Dont’s

So, you’ve taken amazing photos of your beloved pet (if not yet, see the tips on how to take pet photos on our previous blog post!). Still, the photos need some fixing here and there. How to edit them?

Here are some easy do’s and dont’s for pet photo editing. They will be most helpful for those pet owners who use simple photo editing softwares or apps.

Let’s dive in!

Do: Use Sharpen tool to make you pet’s fur look better.

A simple tip, which can be very useful and important, if you want to print a large portrait of your sweet furry friend. Sharpen tool allows to see more detail of the photo – for example, fur. When used right, the Sharpen tool can even make your pet photo look more professional, and taken with better camera than you actually have. Play around with the amounts to see what fits best for your picture.

Don’t: Overuse Sharpen tool.

Too sharp images can make the pet look unrealistic, and the fur – too firm. As if your pet would have used hairspray and overused it. Before going on with editing, make sure you use the Sharpen tool appropriately – that the fur looks better than before editing, but not too sharp.

Do: Adjust the brightness, contrast and colors

Depending on what your photo lacks, you can change the brightness level to make it brighter (or darker) – try also Highlights or Shadows tool to see how it helps to accentuate the best details of the photo! Contrast will help if the photo seems to be too flat, and the colors seem to be blank, colourless. Colors, on the other hand, can help to smooth out some tones that look unnatural. For example, if the the fur of your cat or dog seems to look of its unnatural color, try changing the amount of the contrasting color in the photo editing app or program to see if that helps.

Do: Add some warmth to the photo

Pets usually are connected to warm feelings. They are our family too, aren’t they? So make the photo more vivid by adding a bit of warmth to the picture (seek for Warmth or Temperature tool). Warmer pictures make us feel more sincere.

Don’t: Go too Andy-Warhol (unless you intend to)

Sometimes editing photos take a long time, and often we can get confused – what amount of contrast, colors, and brightness is appropriate? So, unless you intentionally go for artsy look, take a moment off the editing and come back to double check if the photo really looks better than before. Ask someone else, if necessary. Check if the levels of brightness, contrast and colors make the right details pop, and your beloved pet, the background – everything looks natural.

Looking for easy apps to edit the photos? How about Instagram?

Yes, Instagram is more known for the filters, but you can easily edit the photo yourself – below the filters on the right there’s an option EDIT. Press on it and try all the tools they have (including all mentioned in this blog).

You can also add some filters before printing the photo here.

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