More than 4 years we help inspiring people to get unique, aesthetical and extremely high quality photo canvas.

How are they made? Take a look!

1. step. Making sure your photo or photo collage looks perfect.

We care that your photo canvas look the best way possible, so we doublecheck every photo or photo collage. If we see that it can be perfected, we contact you and offer some minimal changes. For example, editing the colors. We also will contact you if we see that because of the resolution of the picture it will not look the best way possible on the canvas. Together usually we find alternatives or best solutions 🙂

2. step. Your photo is printed on canvas.

So, it’s 100% sure your canvas will look great. Now we print the photo on cotton canvas, using the highest quality printer EPSON. It is one of the best technology for printing photos that are available up to date, and also maximum nature-friendly. The ink used in the printer is ecological, does not harm health and prints out bright and precise colors till the tiniest pixel.

3. step. Your photo is cut out in the size of canvas.

Until now, the canvas looks like printed picture on a large fabric. Let’s give it some shape! To do that, we cut out each canvas by hand.

4. step. Your photo canvas is stretched on a wooden frame.

This is the step where your canvas gets the final look – just like it will be on your wall. We construct a frame, made from pine, personalised for your canvas size. Then we stretch your photo canvas on the frame, by hand. Why do we use pine, not any other wood? It is straight, without branches, and grows back relatively fast. Pine wood guarantees that the canvas will stand the test of time and shall not deform nor will it become warped.

5. step. Your canvas is prepared for use.

Our crafted artisans want that your beautiful canvas is also easy and comfortable to use. The last touch – we add fasteners and hanger to the canvas to make sure all you have to do is to hang your canvas on the wall when you get it, and it can last for years.

6. step. Your canvas is packed.

The canvas is ready for you! All we have to do is send it to your door. We wrap your canvas in the bubblewrap and then put in eco-friendly, minimalistic carton box. Now it’s safe your canvas will look exactly the same as we wrapped it when you get it.

7. step. Your canvas is delivered to you.

Each canvas we personally give to the courier which delivers the canvas to your door with care and love.

Oh, that exciting moment when you wrap it out and hang it on the wall, or give to your loved ones as a present!

Wishing your room to fill with brightest memories!

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