Love In The Art: Gustav Klimt “The Kiss”

There’s a story behind any artist’s most famous work. Sometimes it is quite clear, and you can see what influenced the artist. Other times the story is covered in mystery, leaving loads of space for discussion.  

Gustav Klimt is one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. The Austrian artist’s most famous piece of art is “Der Kuss” of “The Kiss”. As the printed reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” it is one of our client’s -art lover’s- most popular choices as well, we decided to explore the story behind it.

Let’s take a look “Behind the canvas” of Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”.

The pieces of art that this iconic artist created during his most successful years in his career (often called his “Golden period”) were influenced by Greek, Egyptian and Byzantine cultures. The influence may be caused by his trips to Venice and Ravenna, as it is mentioned on Klimt’s on-line gallery’s page. These cities and their regions are known for influences of these cultures in their architecture and art.

Klimt is described as a very modest artist who spent most of his time painting, with his family and people close to him, or working in Vienna Secession movement. He didn’t enjoy showing up in public a lot, and sharing the details of his private life. He explained that all one has to know about his life one can see in his art.

That’s why there is no certain story behind this sensual piece of art. Even the woman in Klimt’s “The Kiss” has started loads of discussions among art lovers. Some people guess it might be Klimt’s life-long companion Emilie Louise Flöge, Austrian fashion designer. There is still a mystery whether they were romantically engaged of just close friends. Other people think that the model of “The Kiss” might be Adele Bloch-Bauer, a hig-society lady in Vienna who posed for other famous Klimt’s paintings as well.

What is clear though, is that Gustav Klimt’s “the Kiss” is the painting from his “Golden period” where woman is so tender, gentle and humble, while the man is portrayed strong and caring.

Both lovers are standing on a cliff, woman on her knees, having more feminine colors and symbols on her clothes. We don’t  see the face og the lover, however he, covered in more powerul colors and shapes, has the woman’s face in his arms, lovingly.

A moment before the Kiss. So gentle, sensual, private and timeless. It speaks to any person who has ever been in love or desires to find true love, no matter the century. Because such moments don’t have limits of space or time. They stay.

Gustav Klimt – “The Kiss”. The original 180×180 cm canvas is housed in Belvedere, Vienna.

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