Spring vibes: 5 flower themes for your interior

The spring is coming, and more and more we want to feel the spring vibes both outside and indoors. A bouquet of flowers is a solution but it lasts for such a short time!

There are more sustainable and elegant ways how to add flower vibes to any interior. Let’s see some examples for inspiration.

1. Photo canvas – Blossoming Tree

One of all time favourite designs for our clients. The simple yet very eye-pleasing canvas brings pure spring vibes and refreshes boring interiors, making them more sensual, aesthetical. Bright light and peaking blossoms bring joy and inspire to live our lives the fullest.

Models available: from 60x30cm to 160×80 cm, see more.

2. Photo canvas – Lavender Field

Also one of our clients’ TOP choices, and you can easily see why. Just a glimpse on this photocanvas of beautiful lavender field in the sunset calms the viewer down (talking about the relaxing effects of lavender! 🙂 )

The view of the wide field creates feeling of plentitude and abundance. The sunset reminds us of the day well spent, work well done and the moments when we stop for a moment to celebrate the work done with our friends and family.  

Models available: from 40x20cm to 200×100 cm, see more.

3. Art reproduction. Vincent Van Gogh – Blossoming almond tree

When flowers meet art. This piece of art is loved and adored world-wide, and a popular choice among our clients! The blooming flower theme was very close to Vincent Van Gogh because it symbolised revival and awakening. This canvas with blooming almond trees in Southern France is a printed reproduction. It is a part of 1888-1890. series of works from Arla and Sanremo. White almond symphony on the blue sky’s background nicely contrasts and will be an excellent addition to optimistic and joyful family and business interiors.

Models available: from 40x30cm to 160x120cm, see more.

4. Photo canvas – Tulips

One of the best spring-themed canvas. The bright colors of tulip bouquet instalntly lifts the mood up. Beautiful canvas print will be a great joy to its owner, as these flowers will never droop and throughout the year they will fill the room with freshness, optimism and positive vibrations. Perfect choice for tulip lovers who want to keep the feeling of the fresh flowers throughout all the year.

Models available: from 45x30cm to 180x120cm, see more.

5. Flowers meet the art: The Dark Rose

Elegance and aesquetic beauty. This photocanvas model will bring the most picturesque and beautiful views in the room. As the colors are reserved and leave classic vibes, it will fit almost any interior, leaving the feeling of romantic and yet very deep, up-to-date and strong feeling.

Models available: from 45x30cm to 150x100cm, see more.

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We create canvasses from the highest-grade materials: 100% cotton canvas, pine-tree strechers (inner frame), as well as UV light resistant, ecological, vibrant inks. Every canvas is handicrafted and comes with hangers installed – all you have to do is hang it up and enjoy!

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