The Wonderful Secrets of Coloring Mandalas

To Buddhist monks, mandalas are the visual representation of the continuity and endless nature of the Universe. Simple geometric forms add up in multi-level patterns representing the microcosm of one’s inner self, the world around them or even the cosmos as a whole. With traditions deeply rooted in Hinduism, Buddhism and various tribal religions, coloring mandalas are frequently used to quell emotional unbalance by tapping into the restorative powers of the Universe.

Mandalas and Mindfulness

For centuries, mandalas have been used during meditation, and physicians often prescribe mandala coloring as a means of more accelerated recovery from various illnesses, especially emotional ones. 

A matrix of shapes radiates from a set center point – the individual, the focus. From this center point, there is limitless freedom for shapes and lines in every direction. But as the mandala radiates outward, patterns and continuity become apparent, reflecting the order and balance visible everywhere in the Universe. Therefore the creation of a mandala – turning chaos into order – is a deeply meditative act of serenity, which has a tremendously positive effect on restoring harmony in one’s spiritual core.

Meditative Powers of Mandala Coloring

The healing properties of a mandala can easily be tapped into merely by coloring predetermined mandala shapes. For centuries, the stress-relieving properties of mandalas have been accented by the joys of artistic expression through coloring and exploration of patterns. The effects are astonishing – reduced stress and tension, focus and willpower boost, a calm feeling of peace and mindful appreciation of one’s deep connection with the universe.

For this reason, coloring mandalas have found popularity among a wide variety of groups. From business executives looking to relieve work tension to students calming their nerves before an important exam. With no rules and correct or incorrect ways to color a mandala, you can tap into the creative potential which often lies dormant during everyday life.

Instant Artwork

No two sessions of mandala coloring are the same. Every finished work is a clear reflection of your emotional state and preferences at exactly that moment in time. Therefore no two works are the same, and each has a different character and feel embedded into it. In this sense, you can create a wide spectrum of artwork for any occasion and room. One mandala may radiate focus and attention, perfect for the office, while the other might be perfect as a calming bedroom décor. As you delve deeper into your creativity, you’ll find more and more aspects of your character expressed through mandalas.

In our gallery of coloring mandalas, you’ll find 10 absolutely unique pieces of art, printed on the highest quality linen suited for coloring with markers of all kinds. These coloring mandalas come stretched on a top-shelf quality pinewood frame, ready to take their rightful place on the wall like the beautiful pieces of art that they are.

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