“They say, a picture can say more than a thousand words. Well, mine is saying just three: What. Is. That.” – A beginner photographer.

Are you new to the Land Of Photography, and want to know how to take good pictures?

Here will be some tips for a good start.

1. Learn how to use light.

A member of our team met a wise man by hitch-hiking. He was a photographer for main magazines of the country, driving from a theatre poster photoshoot to taking photos for celebrity interviews. He was telling some stories about his job, and suddenly he said: “You know what, if you had to know just one thing, on how to make a great picture – it’s the light. Without the light there is no view. When you understand how to use the light, how to play with it, you will know how to take splendid photos.”

Well, isn’t that an ambitious wish! However it makes a great tip to keep in mind, starting to master photography. Always pay attention whether the person or object is in a good light (the natural light works best). If the natural light is not “available”, use diffused light for the best results.

2. Study basics of composition.

If this is not the first blog on photography you read, we would guess you already kow about the rule of thirds.

What is the rule of thirds? You draw imaginary lines, 2 horizontally x 2 vertically, that make 3×3 equal squares. Create the composition so that the most important parts of the photo are on the cross points of the lines or on them. (this is the simplest, simplest explanation, you can learn so much more on hundreds of Youtube videos of blogs!)

3. Take care of camera stability.

You can have the best composition or the best light, but it won’t matter if the picture is blurry. The hand shakes just a little bit, and it’s enough to make the picture not usable for printing of putting on social media (if you aim for the best quality). So use tripods or put your camera, even phone, on a stable surface. If you want to take photos and videos for your social network of blog, of new business testing, by your phone, it’s worth to think about good quality phone stabilizer.

4. Pay attention to the background.

It simply means – take out all the details, objects and things that do not fit in the aesthetic view you want to achieve. Also, always leave some space around the person of object you take the photo of. Do not leave the main object or person too far either. Especially if you take photos of your products – it is important that the potential buyer can see clearly all the details that are important and have to be seen. Or yourself – if you want to build yourself as a brand on social media, it is important that people see your face clearly.

5. Practice, practice, practice.  

It is completely normal that you get one great picture out of hundred pictures you take. So, if you want to have great pictures for your photo wall, personal or business blog, or Instagram, you have to invest time and effort and try again and again until you reach great results. But no worries – it is completely normal that mastering a skill (or at least reaching a level you are ok with) takes time. You will see that after a month or two you automatically know what you want and how to take pictures so that it takes less and less time and preparation to capture that aesthetical view you always wanted.   

Some extra advice, for portrait photos: try filming a video! Find the perfect spot with the best background and light, press record, and change various poses and angles. You will have loads of captures with every possible change you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s a great way how to learn your own best angles and mimic expressions if you are only getting started.

Good luck! 🙂

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