TOP5 paintings of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh has been one of the most famous artists from 19th Century. He is an inspiration for lots of new, aspiring artists nowadays. His life has been nothing but ordinary – no surprise you can see his biographies in movies of TV series.

What are the most popular paintings of Vincent Van Gogh? Let’s take a look at our TOP5:

5. Vincent Van Gogh – Blossoming almond tree

Painting with blooming almond trees in Southern France is a reproduction of the famous Vincent van Gogh. It is a part of 1888-1890. series of works from Arla and Sanremo and has gained popularity world-wide. The artist has painted flowers many time, and especially  the blooming flower theme was very close to the artist because it symbolised revival and awakening.

The size of the original painting is 74×92 cm, and the painting is exhibited in Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum.h

5. Blossoming almond tree- click to shop.

4. Vincent Van Gogh – Sunflowers

The yellow color is often seen in Van Gogh’s paintings. And what could be a better object for the color of yellow than sunflowers! The artist has painted series of sunflowers, and this is one of the most famous piece from “The Berceuse – Triptych”. By the way, this yellow color was something new at that time, as newly invented pigments allowed these shades that had never seen before.

The size of the original painting is 91×72 cm, located in Munich, Neue Pinakothek art gallery.

4. Sunflowers- click to shop.

3. Vincent Van Gogh – Self Portrait

This is not the only self-portrait the iconic artist has painted of himself. If you know just a little bit about the artist, you already know – he has painted around 40 self-portraits. However, it’s one of the most famous, because it’s painted in the last few months of his life.

You can see the original on 65×54 cm canvas, in Musée d’Orsay, Paris.

3. Self Portrait- click to shop.

2. Vincent van Gogh – Terrace at Night

One of the most recognisable paintings of the artist. “Terrace at night” is the first of three paintings where Van Gogh has famously painted sky full of stars. The colors are rich and deep, and very eye-pleasing. It was painted in France, an actual terrace of a quite popular cafe in Arles.

The original on 81×65 cm canvas is exhibited in Kröller-Müller museum, Netherlands.

2. Terrace at Night- click to shop.

1. Vincent van Gogh – The Starry Night

If you didn’t recognise the previous painting, this definitely has to look familiar. This painting was created by the artist in France, at a town called Saint-Remy, after Van Gogh’s ear amputation. The vibrant colors, the whirlpool shapes and fantasy-evoking picture is rarely leaving anyone untouched.

The original is painted on 74x92cm canvas, located in ‎Museum of Modern Art‎, New York.

1. The Starry Night- click to shop.

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