As you have likely noticed, there is a lot of canvas art available – lots of styles, colors, sizes, etc. Out of it all, how can one decide what is trending now? What’s hip and what’s not? Well, this blog post may give you a clue! We analyzed a good amount of bestsellers in digital stores and categorized them, creating a list of what people currently want.

1. Abstract

This is quite a broad term, encompassing just about everything that can’t be named with common words. For example, one might recognize a car in a normal painting, but with abstract work, it’s never sure – maybe it’s some kind of a shape, or a paint stroke, but rarely something specific. Why would people want something like this on their walls? There could be several reasons. Abstract art has that ‘artsy’ feeling, which makes a room seem fancier. With a car picture, the viewer says, ‘cool’, and moves on, whereas one can search for meanings in abstract work, hidden clues, interpretations. Moreover, abstract art moves beyond the boundaries of mundane everyday life, ignoring restrictions of realism and often featuring a number of different colors to brighten up the room. Also, it just looks cool! Take the work of Trend Gallery (, for example. 2500 sales in 4 years with just custom abstract art cannot lie! This particular work is great because it fits the colors and mood of the room so perfectly!

2. Inspiration / Motivation Canvas

We live in quite a dark time – pandemic can really bring people down, and that’s besides other hardships, like work. Because of this, people need every inspiration they can get, and canvas with uplifting messages written on them has really boomed in popularity recently. There are some different types, like iconic quotes with pictures of authors; general quotes with powerful imagery; or just simple text messages. For some, it may seem a bit on the nose, but for others, this kind of art is what inspires them to keep going. Sales seem to confirm this. Ikonick ( is the leader in motivation canvas art. What a great inspiration! This is one of their bestsellers. Just a great font choice, and message.

3. Animals

They have always meant a lot to us, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of canvases featuring different animals. Many of them are used as symbols, such as lions – strength; birds – freedom; hamsters – just cuteness. What’s trending, however, is portraits of people’s pets. Yes, one can take a picture (or have it taken by a professional) and have it made into an artwork, to be hanged on the wall! For extra artistic value, some services offer edits to emulate different styles, such as popart, or serious black&white portrait, or even aforementioned inspirational texts, but with a picture of one’s pet. Such a personal touch can truly make one’s room their own. And people love it! Just look at this shop called Crown and Paw ( They’re the leaders in unique pet art.

4. City / Urban

These can actually mean two different things, despite their names being synonymous. City, in this case, is an art all about depicting the city scenery – bridges, skyscrapers, panoramas, etc. This gives a bigger sense of place in the room, and oftentimes it just looks stunning, such as a picture of New York during sunset. Urban art, however, is influenced by the urban culture. Most notably, it features graffiti. It can be a symbol against the establishment, such as different slogans sprayed over a banknote. This kind of art will give a room edgier, tension-filled feel, and often voices the opinion of the owner, such as this one by WallArtAust ( They sell well, too, with 1500+ sales in 3 years.

5.Nature / Botanical

Of course, there are some who like the city imagery, but others prefer otherwise – to escape it. Nature art comes in different shapes and forms, but it usually gives the room a fresher look, taking the viewer away from the rush of everyday life. This encompasses different landscapes, like forests, swamps, savannas, etc, but might as well feature individual elements, like a single flower, or leaves of a tree. Even specific topics like nautical can get a lot of customer attention. Just take a look at the stunning work by NauticalNell ( They have managed to sell more than 3000 of artworks like this one!

Hope you got some inspiration to release your inner artist! If you did, don’t hesitate to contact our representative at to start your very own canvas business or visit! We even offer free mock-ups, so it would be easier to start up your store.

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