Upgrade your online shopping experience: 3D visualisation

Shopping for canvas can be really easy. You can order your favourite picture on a canvas online, even from your smartphone on a way home. However, how to make sure that you choose the best option for your room? A 3D shopping experience can help. Or, as you can call it, 3D product visualisation.

What is 3D visualisation?

As the name itself explains, a 3D visualisation is a projection of a product (also living beings) in three dimensions. You might have heard of 3D printers – anything that is printed out with such printer first was visualised in a 3D program.

Depending on the specific 3D visualisation program, you can see the product, human shape or any living thing to the tiniest detail. It is more useful than just a picture, as you can understand the exact sizes, shapes of the object of the projection.Therefore it seems more real and you get clearer “picture” of what it actually looks like.

Why use 3D visualisation, when buying canvas?

3D visualisation that you can find in our online shop helps you understand how the canvas you want to order will look like in real life, in the room. It maximizes the possibility that you get the best photo canvas delivered to your door.

This feature especially helps those people who prefer to see and touch the product before buying. 3D experience works as similar to that as it’s possible online now.

How to use Canvasway 3D visualisation?

Every product you buy in our online photo canvas shop is, so to speak, equipped, with 3D visualisation program. You can enrichen your 3D online shopping experience with it, helping you pick the right fit for you.

Use 3D visualisation on canvas online shop like this:

At the bar on the right side of the picture:
  • Change layouts of a photo or a photo collage and instantly see how it would look in real life.
  • Change the size at Layout dimensions and see how the picture changes with it;
  • Change how the image will be wrapped on canvas sides, and adjust printing style for the sides or margins around the picture;
In the visualisation area:
  • At the top right corner of the visualisation: Zoom in to check the quality of a photo, take a closer look to how it would look from all sides. Zoom out to see how the canvas looks from a further view.
  • At the bottom right corner of the visualisation: Use navigation to turn the canvas around. See how your canvas would look from different sides and angles. You can also do it, by moving the visualisation around with your finger or the computer mouse;
  • At the top left corner: press the arrow to see if the quality of your picture is good for the canvas size, and add some photo filters.

If you feel you need some assistance – we are here to help!

We always make sure your canvas looks the best way possible, and will be pleased to help you pick the right size of a picture, canvas, and even edit the photo so it looks the best on canvas.

Create your canvas of a photo or a photo collage here.

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