Why isn’t a canvas simply a printed picture?

It is possible that, when opening the webpage of CanvasWAY or other businesses, one begins to wonder – what makes up this price, and is it worth it? I can just print the same thing with my own printer, and it will cost me almost nothing! To solve this mystery, it is important to learn about some details that elevate canvases over other printed materials.

First and foremost – canvases are not printed on paper! It may seem obvious, but it can’t be stressed enough – material is a big part of the final product’s quality. As the name suggests, canvases are printed on canvas – the same stuff that painters use. It is so much more special than just a white sheet of paper. One quickly gets the (correct) impression that the end result is a piece of art, not just a school’s DIY homework. 

Have you ever noticed that old checks in your wallet fade in time? It is a fate that awaits almost any printed item. But we are so confident in the quality of our canvases (technology does evolve, after all) that we offer our clients a lifetime guarantee. If you don’t deliberately damage them or put them in direct sunlight, our canvases will not fade.

Another important thing is that the colors on canvases are amazingly sharp, vibrant, and saturated. Pictures that are printed with a normal printer lack saturation. Of course, you can tell that the red color is red, but it will feel a bit off, not entirely similar to the original picture. 

Thickness is also a factor. A standard sheet of paper is two-dimensional, it lacks depth. Due to this, you can easily damage it, and it also requires a feeling of presence. In contrast, canvas has actual physical depth, like a painting. The material is tensioned with a wooden frame behind the canvas. This ensures that the canvas is durable and has a physical presence in the room – like a design object.

What conclusions can be drawn? That canvas is a guarantee of quality, which can be enjoyed for years without problems. It is a purchase that will definitely pay off if you want to make your home more artsy, homely, more unique, or just want to make a wall more interesting in the long term.


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